Liminal Presents Gertrude Stein: Capital Capitals

multimedia performance


Anna Daedalus — filmmaker, art director

Leo Daedalus — filmmaker/editor, baritone

John Berendzen — event producer/director

Stephen Alexander — musical director, pianist

Ben Purdy — video projection mapping tech

Dora Gaskill — technical director

Jenny Ampersand — costumes

Capital Capitals was part of Liminal Presents Gertrude Stein, a multipart, live, multimedia event occurring March 22–24, 2012 in Portland, Oregon as part of the second annual March Music Moderne festival of new music. Liminal Presents Gertrude Stein was produced by John Berendzen as a production of Liminal Performance Group.

The piece Capital Capitals is a musical setting by Virgil Thompson of the text of Gertrude Stein's "Capital Capitals," for vocal quartet and piano. For this production, Anna and Leo Daedalus produced a video (see screen shots this page) which was projected onto the performers and backdrop.

The video consists of a miniature city made of paper buildings designed by Anna Daedalus, onto which text, still images and video were projected with a handheld projector while the city was 'filmed' with a handheld videocamera, in a collaborative shooting process by Anna Daedalus and Leo Daedalus. It was edited by Leo Daedalus.

Click for full images:

Capital Capitals video stillCapital Capitals video stillCapital Capitals video stillCapital Capitals video stillCapital Capitals video stillCapital Capitals video still

For the performance, Ben Purdy used custom software to slice and map the projected video onto the performers and a special backdrop consisting of four tall, thin curtains of paper. The performers were dressed in white costumes and white paper wigs designed by Jenny Ampersand.

Additionally, Leo Daedalus sang the baritone role of the Virgil Thompson score. Ammon Morris and Thomas Prislac sang the tenor roles, and André Flynn sang bass. Stephen Alexander was the musical director and pianist.