The Labyrinth of Tantalus

artist's book and installation for closed gallery

Marchland Strand, 2012

Anna Daedalus — photography, printing, book binding, installation design & construction

Leo Daedalus — photography, layout, printing, installation design & construction

The Labyrinth of Tantalus is both a book and an installation for a closed gallery.

This project was originally conceived and produced as an installation for Portland's 23 Sandy Gallery while it was closed for winter break during January 2012. The installation consists of the eight individual spreads of the book, suspended in the gallery in such a way as to be progressively less readable.

Click for full images:

installation as seen from outside the closed galleryinstallation view with book coverinstallation seen from insidethe last three spreadsLabyrinth of Tantalus book coverthe book: first spreadthe book: fourth spread showing “receding” textthe book: penultimate spread, text almost completely gone

The Labyrinth of Tantalus also exists as an edition of eight books. Page by page, the text "recedes" as a swath of white space widens in its midst, rendering the story, a mystery concerning closed bookshops, progressively unreadable.

The standalone artist's book The Labyrinth of Tantalus is available from 23 Sandy Gallery.