Orgaz (after El Greco)

photographic suite


Anna Daedalus — photographs

Formed as a ballet dancer, Anna Daedalus frequently returns to the shapes of the body and bodily movement in her work. Gesture takes over where position left off, bringing a dialogic intent to the images: between camera and gesturing subject, between the eye and the visual field, between the photographer’s body and that of the camera.

Arrayed as a horizontal series, the figures in Orgaz are carriers of gesture more than portraits. The images are meant to express a lateral landscape-rhythm, with the ensembles gesturing together, undulating along a horizon line and prompting a gestural synesthesia. Rather than depict feeling, they create a space for it.

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Orgaz: JamesOrgaz: NicoOrgaz: MargaretaOrgaz: JohnOrgaz: DavidOrgaz: ChrisOrgaz: JohnOrgaz: LibbyOrgaz: KerryOrgaz: DougOrgaz: LissaOrgaz: SamOrgaz: RobertOrgaz: StandardOrgaz: Jaap BlonkOrgaz: Don